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I've been purchasing bitcoins for over a couple of years in small units. My source of income is my salary and I never was involved in any illegal activities. Few weeks ago I was thinking if I can make my bitcoins to make me some extra income, so I googled if I can invest my bitcoins in stocks and stumbled upon a site They claimed themselves to be one (if not only) regulated hybrid crypto/stock exchanges out there).

Verification process was quick and easy, so I started with a small amount (~0.1 btc). I tested it's functionality, including withdrawal, and everything worked just fine (I mean, basic functions such as deposit, trade, withdrawal). The platform has very limited functionality, so you cannot even see you P&L for the stocks/ETF you bought!).

Funny (actually not so funny) things started when I deposited 3.34 btc. I immediately get a message from support that I now need to confirm origin of my funds. It was a huge red flag to me, so I tried to withdraw my money, but it was too late...

One of the documents they wanted was my bank statement. I sent them the statement for the whole year, which clearly showed that my salary income was much higher than the amount I deposited), but they just told me that is not enough, but refused to tell me what exactly was wrong with my docs.

It's clearly that they now do whatever they can to prevent me from withdrawal of my funds... Stay away from this outright scam!

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