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Stop using Exchanges until they support SegWit!

Stop using Exchanges until they support SegWit!

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Let's call Bullshit on Exchanges for not supporting SegWit in the only way that they will notice.

Boycott Exchanges until SegWit.

The anti-SegWit decision by the world’s biggest exchanges contributes unnecessarily to enormous mempool spikes and fees such as what is happening NOW.

Here are reasons that Exchanges are anti-SegWit:

  • a preference for crypto to remain on exchange rather than be withdrawn. Small transaction adjustments have large effects on behaviour.
  • more reasons to support the Token Launch Platform to solve problems by first generation currencies like Bitcoin.
  • people much smarter than me will add to this list no doubt.

Let’s relentlessly start posting and liking and generally getting pissed at Exchanges about lack of SegWit support!

Let’s call Bullshit on THEM!

If we wait until the bull market is in full swing it will be too late.

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