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Subtipper has just tipped the top posts for this community! [16:31 GMT September 15, 2021]

Subtipper has just tipped the top posts for this community! [16:31 GMT September 15, 2021]

Bitcoin Reddit

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Thanks to all posters for providing great content!

The top posts since the last payout (~1 week) have been tipped 1 US cent per vote, or 1536 sats per vote.

For an explanation of Subtipper and how it works, please see this article.


Winning posts:

The future of crypto is going to be very interesting. by u/kai_kaikaidan_666

[tip] - 830976 sats = 0.00830976 BCH = ~5.41 USD

Liecoin ???? by u/Egon_1

[tip] - 261120 sats = 0.00261120 BCH = ~1.70 USD

Chaintip Twitter has been refactored and is working again! by u/Tibanne

[tip] - 162816 sats = 0.00162816 BCH = ~1.06 USD

China (Tether?): “Evergrande bonds are collapsing . It's equivelent to China's Lehman Brothers crisis. Lehman Brothers was $60 Billion, Evergrande is $300+ Billion. Their bonds were just lowered by a Chinese rating agency & are no longer able to access the repo market. Beijing won't bail them out.” by u/Egon_1

[tip] - 150528 sats = 0.00150528 BCH = ~0.98 USD

This business group behind Chivo wallet in El Salvador is the same one that committed at least 2 acts of fraud in the Dash ecosystem in 2018/2019 and today still has 2 active Dash proposals by u/georgedonnelly

[tip] - 142848 sats = 0.00142848 BCH = ~0.93 USD

Ukraine set to become next country to make Bitcoin legal tender by u/AdAstraSA80

[tip] - 133632 sats = 0.00133632 BCH = ~0.87 USD

Sneak peek of KoingFu's SmartBCH <-> ETH bridge by u/libertarian0x0

[tip] - 112128 sats = 0.00112128 BCH = ~0.73 USD


Tips not claimed within 7 days will be returned to the Subtipper fund and tipped out to future posts.


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Note: this payout event was triggered by block 705464, which was mined more than 3 days since the last event and has the last three hex digits of its hash (joined as a number) strictly smaller than 7. The BCH price at the time of activation was $651.03

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