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Suggestion: Meme Mondays?

Suggestion: Meme Mondays?

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by COINS NEWS 11 Views

Inspired by u/Mcgillby post on ways we can work together to improve the sub and make Moons a positive thing, I'd like to propose that this sub introduces 'Meme Mondays'. This would mean we have 1 day per week (Monday) where 1 meme/comedy post per user is allowed to be posted without restrictions (although any reposts can be reported and removed by the admins). No memes would be allowed to be posted for the other 6 days of the week. I believe this is a good idea because:

  1. A lot of people here enjoy the memes, but understandably they're not to everyone's taste. Those people who dislike memes and are fed up with seeing them at the top of the sub everyday will only have to put up with them for 1 day (or potentially 2 days if the posts are allowed to remain up for a set amount of time. For example, they could be removed by 0:00 UTC Wednesday). This allows the rest of the week to focus on news etc. (of course nothing is stopping an interesting news story from hitting top spot on meme Monday!)

& 2. With the current system of 4 media posts being allowed in the top 25, whether or not your post stays up is a lottery decided by the timing of your post, rather than the post's quality. It also makes it very difficult for informative, non-meme image posts to stay up.

& 3. Not all memes are low effort reposts. Comedy can be a creative form of expression that can get people thinking and talking- as well as of course laughing, which can be important for our mental health. One user I know of spent a lot of time and effort creating his own animated meme but he can't get it past the automod. Instead, a low effort repost meme that has been seen a hundred times already makes it to the top because they happened to post a few minutes before him. Having just one day every week where the automod doesn't remove these posts would let the people decide for themselves which posts are the best quality by hitting the upvote/downvote button!

& So this is my suggestion which I believe could help to solve some of the issues in this sub and potentially keep everyone happy. If it receives positive feedback I will forward it to the mods to see whether they think it is something we should vote on in a poll. So please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

Thank you.

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