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Summary of hard Fork empty block woes

Summary of hard Fork empty block woes

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  • The chain forked as planned
  • Bitcoin ABC nodes don't include any transactions from the mempool after the fork, possibly because of some weird/invalid transaction. Looks like a bug being exploited in ABC.
  • Almost all blocks are empty since most miners mine with ABC
  • Reports are the BU nodes are unaffected, so they should be able to include transactions from the mempool into the blocks
  • A new commit was done to ABC which should fix the problem.
  • Still nobody cleared the mempool as of 14:37UTC, 2 hours after the fork
  • 14:49UTC An old bug was exploited in Bitcoin ABC according to checksum0 (dev), fix is being deployed right now.
  • 14:56UTC Mempool has grown to 12MB. Last block 2min ago is still empty.
  • 15:07UTC more reports that the bug being exploited and the hard fork are not related at all. Looks like a timed attack.
  • 15:11UTC Bitcoin Verde dev further clarifies the bug.
  • 15:39UTC Last block was mined 45 minutes ago. Mempool size is now over 16MB.
  • 15:44UTC A new block was mined. 582697. Still nearly empty with only 89 transactions and not even 25kB.
  • 15.46UTC. Another block. 582698. Still not even 140kB in size.
  • 15.50UTC Mempool looks empty according to,2h. Not seeing any large size blocks. were the transactions invalid?
  • 15.56UTC Looks like the transactions that were dropped from the mempool were invalid and part of the bug exploitation (that's why they were wrongfully accepted). Will report more if there is anything to report, but right now it looks like the network is back to normal.
  • 16:14UTC Block 582699 with 960Kb of transactions got orphaned. More blocks were mined, each more than a few hundred kB's. Right now we are at block 582701 and the mempool now looks empty. edit 17:02UTC: 582698 was orphaned as well and was replaced with a 265kB block. every block since then has been built on top of that. So 2 blocks got orphaned. Not sure why it happened.
  • 16:26UTC Network looks healthy again. I will probably stop with the updates. If you want to look at the blocks being produced, check out If you want to look at the current mempool go to,2h. Hopefully we'll get some feedback from the ABC devs at a later time to explain the issues in more detail.
  • 20:50UTC Go here for a technical explanation of the bug:

Will provide updates to this thread if there are any.

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