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Swedish official crypto broker VS

Swedish official crypto broker VS

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So this morning I was showing my friend how to buy crypto, preferably BCH of course but also ETH. Since my favourite Norwegian broker is down (because legal reasons) I had to use old reliable (they at least offer BTC and ETH, only offers BTC cripple coin). Registration took like 30 seconds, what a breeze, let's buy 50$ worth of ETH! Buuuuuut, when we clicked the BUY-button, "BAM!", we were required to attach photos of ID, photos of a recent bill, and a whole lot of other personal information. Super creepy, I'm surprised they dont need an anal probe to finish it off.

Soo, we decided to try out . I've read a lot about it here but was a little weary that the whole process would turn my friend off. Turns out, registration took 1 minute, we found a seller (picked the first choice, guy had 40 trades), had a nice greeting ("good morning" etc) followed by the smoothest experience I've ever had buying crypto! (Paid with Swedish banking app Swish, no long code required like when buying officially). We were both suprised at the simplicity.

I can only say I'm very impressed with and I'm probably never looking back to or I'm also disappointed on them for not offering BCH. keeps spamming me with emails about next bull run and "gainz", they've totally stopped talking about BTC as something useful or being money. Very sad.

TWO problems with the wallet though: When adding an address to the address book, choosing the qr-code scan-function will start a sending process and then throw you out of the address registration. So the scan option is basically useless. This was very annoying for both of us.

Also, no sound notification when receiving money, both of us had the same problem (Samsung phones, and yes we've turned on sound notifications in settings). We tried sending money back and forth and we were both like "did you send yet?!", "oh yeah, it's in my tx history!".

If this is the wallet to introduce newbies, these simple problems need to be fixed.

EDIT: This is no critique of established exchanges as they have no choice but to follow the ever increasing regulations. LBC is a great way to get around this.

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