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Reddit / Bitcoin Reddit - 2 days ago

Buying at the exchange rate price?

Pretty new to buying Bitcoin, but seems like every time I buy bitcoin it will shows the exchange rate price then add around 1%. Is there anywhere I can buy at the exchange rate price? This surly needs to be stomp out for the future before more peopl...

by COINS NEWS - 3 days ago

Question about how decentralised exchanges work

Hello all, Please indulge my ignorance about this subject! I am interested in how decentralised exchanges work, particularly, how they can handle so many transactions per second (tps). It is my understanding that the BTC blockchain can currently hand...

Reddit / Litecoin Reddit - 3 days ago


Has anyone used Fox.Exchange or similar sites? I would like to convert some Litecoin to Ether. Any input would be appreciated. submitted by /u/lightlitecoin [link] [comments]