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Bitcoin News / Bitcoin.com - 5 hours ago

ICO Craze Lures Australian Investors

The hype surrounding the profit-potential associated with initial coin offerings (ICOs) is continuing to attract participation from Australian investors. Despite the potential to incur fast losses just as easily as fast profits, many Australians appe...

Cryptocoins News / ABITCO.IN - 2 days ago

How to Value a Bitcoin Casino’s ICO

Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and ICO’s are all over the news lately. There’s a huge amount of hype surrounding the space at present. There is also a lot of money to be made on the back of that hype. Blockchain and smart contract technology...

Reddit / Etherum Reddit - 2 days ago

Another proposal for ICOs with frozen funds

Suppose an ICO needed at least 1000 ETH, raised 5000 ETH, and awarded 500,000 tokens. Then the ETH was frozen in a bad multisig wallet. Solution: hold a second round, with another 1000 ETH minimum and a new token contract. If 1000 ETH is raised in th...