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Reddit / Ripple Reddit - 2 days ago

Could Ripple Force a Decoupling from BTC?

Random thought as I was going to sleep the other day, we all know that Ripple has a lot of XRP locked up in escrow, and they sell a limited amount every month. What would stop them from low-key putting some USD back every month and eventually transf...

Reddit / Ripple Reddit - 2 days ago

RippleNet without XRP

I understand Ripple the company and digital asset manager is different than XRP, the digital currency. My question I can't seem to find an answer to is: Can a company, person(s) or entity use RippleNet (the process to asset transfer) without XRP?...

Reddit / Ripple Reddit - 3 days ago

Bank of England tests with Ripple Interledger

NOT xCurrent or xRapid(from what I can tell) but at least from a very reputable source in the form of the Financial Times. https://www.ft.com/content/a8d997a0-6605-11e7-8526-7b38dcaef614 You may hit a paywall after first viewing. submitted by...

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Siraj Raval - Ripple has no value

Siraj Raval is great when it comes to machine learning, but has just released a video related to a Bitcoin trading bot where he states that Bitcoin has "real value, unlike Ripple". Despite the XRP versus Ripple statements, I am not sure why...

Reddit / Ripple Reddit - 4 days ago

Ripple dev slowing down?

The last code checkin both on GitHub and on Blockmodo was about 20 days ago? This is rare. What is the reason for the slow down? https://blockmodo.com/quotes/XRP/code submitted by /u/electic102 [link] [comments]