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Reddit / Ripple Reddit - 21 hours ago

Turns out, buying ripple is a little tricky.

It was a long process to finally verify my bank account and etoro account but i finally did, now i thought that buying ripple would go lile this, log into etoro, choose ripple, insert 200$ for example, buy ripple, log out of the account and hold it f...

Reddit / Ripple Reddit - 1 day ago

Purchase of Ripple thru Credit Card

Hello everyone! Huge thanks to everyone who helped me with sites to trade ripple. Today i finished my verification on bitstamp and found out that there are only bank transfer of USD/EUR, i have no option to deposit with Credit Card. Can some recomm...

Reddit / Ripple Reddit - 2 days ago

Invest in Ripple?

Hi guys, I am wondering if investing heavily in XRP at current prices is a good idea right now? I am looking to hold at least until the next big upwards cycle ends. I'd appreciate it if you could give me a serious view on this, because I don'...