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Reddit / Bitcoin Reddit - 1 week ago

Seed phrase question

Can 2 people use the same wallet (me and my wife). If we both create a wallet with the same 24 word seed. On a diffrent mobile device? Thank you, have a nice day. submitted by /u/RaZoR_jeedai [link] [comments]

Reddit / Bitcoin Reddit - 1 month ago

Ledger: Generating my own seed?!?

I’ve come to learn from independent research and help on reddit that the ledger hdw is pretty secure as long as you can avoid before & after purchase device compromise and malware. Bitcoin.org has this to say though: “The specification for this w...

Reddit / IOTA Reddit - 1 month ago

Ledger nano : how can it create a seed ?

A nano works on 204824 key and iota on a 2781 key. We know that the second number is way bigger than the first. So how a ledger can safley create something more complex than what it begin with ? submitted by /u/polohpi [link] [...

Reddit / Bitcoin Reddit - 1 month ago

Factory reset my phone and it backed up from the cloud. My bitcoin.com wallet was restored with all funds while my other wallets had to restore from seed. Is the bitcoin.com wallet being backed up to the cloud unencrypted in clear text?

Anyone who has access to the cloud (government) could easily access/view/steal my bitcoin. Is there something I'm missing? EDIT with further details: This is an Android Samsung Galaxy device, using the default backup and restore function (which i...

Reddit / Bitcoin Reddit - 2 months ago

Help. Lost phone but have the seed

So I lost my phone. Which has my bitcoin wallet on there with my savings. Not much. But it’s almost all I have. I have the seed. I tried to import the seed to electrum wallet. Entered the seed but it shows no balance. Any help is appreciated. Very ne...