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The case for removing Stablecoins from Coin rankings.

The case for removing Stablecoins from Coin rankings.

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At some points the sites like CMC and Coingecko need to consider removing stable coins from their ranking.

The whole objective of theses stablecoins is to have their price and thereby their market cap fixed. (unless they inject new coins). In that case no point putting them and comparing them against other coins whose market cap goes through a huge amount of variation a la roller coasters.

Removing these stablecoins will give a realistic picture on ranking of these coins. and example would be in the top 30 now in CMC more than 30% are stables which distorts the right picture.

Given there a plethora of them these days. May be we can track them somewhere else, a separate list may be.

Edit: Coins like USDT, USDC Pax etc have an inflated market cap, by their owning companies running code. This should not be compared with other coins whose market caps increase with buyer's confidence in them.

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