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The future is bright for XRP

The future is bright for XRP

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Not posted on reddit for a while, but thought I would dust off the cobwebs. I run a closed "syndicate" (friends only) for crypto investment, and it has been running for just over two years now, we are in it for the long run. We unfortunately bought in before the big crash of 2018 meaning we are running at a 80% loss, but, in the grand scale of things, we have all voted to sell all of our alt crypto and invest it all in Ripple, we already had 50% of our investment on XRP but are now going "all-in" and HODLing for the coming year(s) - On a personal level I love Ripple, and have been watching it for years, I love the fact CoinBase are trailing in NY, this could mean very soon that it could be rolled out world wide, and though I don't expect the price to jump to $100 each, I would like to speculate it to reach (or almost reach) the ATH of $3.40. I know this is a highly random post, but thought it would be interesting for some people to read.

XRP #thefuture

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