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The hell are you supposed to do BINANCE

The hell are you supposed to do BINANCE


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Binance limits my account then makes the demand of $300 USD to balance the book. I do that. Wait 7 days nothing. Get another email claiming I need to deposit $1,000 USD (the math doesn't add up here boys my acc has been locked since the oopsie $300 deposit instead of withdrawal) and now it's saying my bank with 7K in it failed lmao. That has worked up to this point. Makes no sense, and they still haven't responded. There's some fuckery going on here. Just sad to see they're not smart enough to be accountable for user-end services.

For someone who's worked in finances in the US for 4 years this company is painfully oblivious to how bad they're butchering the US investor base. If you guys went to the effort to develop a separate app for the US it's surely going to feel bad when you burn it all down.

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