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The next distribution's givings

The next distribution's givings

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Hello beautiful souls, Moon Monk here.

Looking forward to the next distribution, I've been unsure of how exactly to maximize the impact we can have on the world and how to best be the light of cosmic love. I've wondered if multiple people ought to receive funds, if I ought to pick one incredibly deserving person and just dump the sum of it, or some kind of backdoor giving to a charitable organization. Lots of questions, I've been meditating on it for some time.

So what I may do is ask for you, the community, to message me and nominate your friend, your family, or a person in need who you feel most furfills my message of love and kindness. It can be anyone, but the kicker is that you cannot nominate yourself; the act of nomination itself must be a selfless act of kindness.

In future distributions I will look to other methods, other means of kindness, and other avenues to share the love that radiates from the souls of us all, but for now I feel this is the way.

The requirements:

  1. You may not nominate yourself.

  2. This person must live my message of kindness and love, demonstrably so.

  3. These won't be brief conversations, I must know for a fact that your nomination is legitimate, I'm putting my trust in all of you to come to me in good faith.

  4. If you nominate out of love, that love will come back to you tenfold ♥️

I'm putting life changing power in your hands, I'll be posting who I've chosen the day I can distribute what I have and encourage every one of you to donate to them too for maximum life changing karma. I will encourage them to post about what they'll do with the funds, be it feed their family, feed others, or spread the message of peace and love as far as their voice will carry; what they do with it is their choice alone and I will not judge that choice.

Namaste and be love,

u/anotherjohnishere @crypt0dass

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