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The only HBAR post you’ll ever need

The only HBAR post you’ll ever need


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The crypto world is full of noise (coins) that have (or claim to have) different use cases and aims. All use the decentralised blockchain technology and are apparently “THE FUTURE” coins of the world.

But among all the Noise that exist in the crypto world, there exist a SLEEPING GIANT, an adaptation/modification of the very foundation of blockchain, bettered, so that it can be applicable in the “REAL WORLD”, namely HBAR.

Has anyone ever wondered why bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, xrp has never been accepted while you’re buying say a washing machine? Or perhaps your medicines?

Simple answer: blockchain cannot handle all the world’s transactions, why you ask? (Well, go through the below mentioned videos to get an in depth knowledge of the same)

Blockchain was heavily adapted with a hope that one day the world will use it for daily life transactions but unfortunately that hasn’t happened after ALL these years, ever wondered why?

Here’s a video of the famous mike maloney who discovered bitcoin in 2014 and invested in it thinking it will be used be the world:Mike Maloney discoveres Bitcoin

Here’s a video of the same Mike Maloney now vouching for hbar (titled his video “Bitcoin to Hbar”) like he discovered bitcoin in 2014, and also investing in hedera hashgraph: Mike Maloney discovers Hbar

Here’s the video explaining what is hbar and why it is superior than bitcoin or any other blockchain based crypto currency: hbar intro

Hbar, right now, does more transactions a day than the sum of the top 10 coin’s transactions.

Hbar, in total, has done 1.1Billion Transactions but has a Market Cap of 2Billion$, you tell me, is it undervalued right now? Tell me a coin in the market that has transactions almost equal to its market cap and you’ll realise how early it is with this coin HBAR.

I am not a financial advisor, but I do urge you guys to do some research and act only on what you find about it.

I hope I was able to at the least intrigue you to learn more about hedera hasgraph (hbar).

If not today you will anyway get to know about it in the coming future as it is goin to change the world around you, or has it already?

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