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The question about Hashgraph

The question about Hashgraph

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Hey Litecoin community,

I have been looking into Hashgraph, and how some claim that it will replace/ overpower blockchain in 5 years (Dick Allgire, for one). The points are about the better technology, faster, more scalable. Cons discussed are mainly the centralization.

  • My questions to any devs on here are:
    - Is the technology 100% better than blockchain?
    -if the technology becomes more decentralized (someone finds a way, or the company initiates this themselves, etc.), could it really compete then?
    -If so, isn't that something really to consider?
    -Or are there technical issues to the code that it will run into similar problems other DLT tech faces?

And of course, how does this compare to Litecoin?

Thank you in advance.

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