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The Ultimate Adoption Wallet

The Ultimate Adoption Wallet

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At the risk of stirring controversy. BCH is in need of a real "adoption wallet". I mean a wallet that is really really focused on the P2P cash and maybe DeFi use cases of BCH.

What do I think such a wallet should have?

Before I say that, let me point out some limitations of some of the mobile wallets that should have been adoption wallets.

  1. Wallet - transactions go missing and require several rescans. What is worse, I actually lost a whole day's worth or transactions until I exported my xpub to ec desktop before I found the txs actually happened. That derivative path conflict

  2. Badger - nearly died but new implementation is laggy. Keeps herding badgers forever before opening.

  3. Zappit - overly convoluted for an average joe. Even for me. Bugs keep popping up.

  4. Pokkett - Havent used it because not hosted on google play. I assume the average joe won't wanna download an apk file.

  5. EC mobile - Only just discovered it yesterday. I understand it does not support SLP.

Now what would I expect of a true adoption oriented wallet.

A. Short confirmation and 0-conf in place (average joes don't wanna wait.

B. Simple and extremely friendly UI (tap tap scan tap go)

C. Build in support for tokens and smart-contracts. SO more like an integrated bridge across the token solutions of BCH. (What is the purpose? Well BCH is volatile so these can be used to implement hedging solutions to check volatility for those that don't wanna risk it. E.g. swapping quickly to a stablecoin or staking one's BCH after receiving payment as a merchant or as a remittance receiver)

D. Affordable, quick and intuitive swap feature with low fees (still about hedging gymnastics. E.g. for instance limits the swappable minimum such that the cornershop owner that decides to receive BCH cannot quickly hedge it in some stable asset. You should be able to swap whatever if you can pay the tx fee.)

E. Currency switcher. Yes there are various citizens of various countries that we seek to adopt BCH. Merchants of these countries would want to denominate in their currencies too. Remittance recepients would want to know how much they have received in their local currency and spend that. An oracle uses exchanges to handle the conversion maybe.

Well these are what I can think about for now. Feel free to add yours but the key factor is, it must make the wallet extremely efficient for the purpose.

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