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The worst year of my life

The worst year of my life

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I've been investing in Bitcoin since 2018, over the last few years, I managed to accumulate exactly 6BTC until June 2020 come along. I've heard about hacks and scams through bitcoin but never thought it would happen to me. Over the telegram app, I would copy and paste bitcoin addresses from my phone to my computer or vice versa so that I could withdraw from my wallet to a new address. June 2020 someone switched my bitcoin address on my telegram app somehow and the bitcoin was sent to a wallet, not in my control. At first, I thought it must be another one of my wallets but later on, it sank in that I completely lost these bitcoins. I have been suffering from immense anxiety, stress and just want to find the scammer.

It was sent from a Binance wallet to (I assume) a brand new address. I just don't know what to do. It was all my savings, now worth like 372,000 which would pay of my mortgage!

The transaction is one of these: It was sent a few hours before 24-2020 08:52:00 AM +UTC If anyone can help, id appreciate it.,time(2020-06-24%2005:00:08..2020-06-24%2009:50:08)&s=id(desc),time(2020-06-24%2005:00:08..2020-06-24%2009:50:08)&s=id(desc))

Many Thanks

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