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There is new a HODLING world champ

There is new a HODLING world champ

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Yesterday there was a transaction that received a lot of attention, as it spent the coinbase reward from a very early block. Here is the txID for it: f38d6f043c070ce9805ee81f46db4d32d0c9f148d62bbfbc0378bc5847c7dc70

Something interesting about this transaction that I haven't seen mentioned much online, is that whoever spent those coins is now officially the HODL world champion! What is meant by this, is that of all now-spent UTXOs, the coinbase reward they spent in that block now holds the record for being the longest-held.

This is a pretty cool title to hold, the individual who owned that UTXO had been sitting on it since the absolute earliest days of the Bitcoin network. When that block was mined, BTC had no value, beyond fascinating a handful of crypto and computer nerds around the world. When spent, the output was worth almost $500,000 USD. Thats quite the HODL!

In total, this UTXO was held for 627,404 blocks, which is about 11 years, 3 months, and 11 days.

For more info, and a list of all the runner ups, see this post on stack exchange:

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