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They will win if..

They will win if..

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  • If they can keep the centralized, bank backed exchanges the only major on / off ramps to bitcoin.

  • people don't become educated on historical manipulation/control tactics major banks have performed on every major financial market (Google financialization and Caitlin Long's Forbes articles).

  • how bitcoin can be different and should be held by the individuals (not third party custody solutions) to eliminate potential market manipulation / control of price.

  • keeping the widely available wallets from implementing bitcoin signing / verifications that are properly implemented and / or difficult to use ( which is really the only way to know that you are in possession of your own keys).

  • keeping the majority of the widely available wallets unable to connect to your own independent node.

Remember, bitcoin was not created to be part of the existing financial system. It was designed to be a fully independent system that is public, bordeless, immutable, and open. It was created for the people to pry back the power from the banks and give us a true peaceful revolution.

Always HODL your own keys!

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