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This is HOW Kraken holds a large amount of my money $$$ (my ETC funds), help me get it back.

This is HOW Kraken holds a large amount of my money $$$ (my ETC funds), help me get it back.

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Hi, so basically, this is an update on this thread:

12th of September 2020, ETC deposit page on Kraken was open. I then copied my etc deposit address, and sent a large amount of ETC coins to my Kraken account. They even had a text saying they require 81 000 confirmations. Time went by, I had 86 000 confirmations, I emailed them, in late september, and they replied that their etc gateway is disabled as of now due to recent etc 51% attack.

Now, after 4 months, I still don't have my ETC.

Kraken keeps telling me the funds are safe, and they keep saying that in January, they will enable etc gateway and credit my ETC, but they can't promise anything. This is a lot of $$$ and ETC. I need to get my ETC back. I told Kraken, either return it back to my wallet or enable deposits. Even Coinbase and Binance allow deposits, why don't you?

My ETC is totaly legit, it come from my ledger nano, actually, I bought them of Kraken in early August 2020...and then made a withdrawl to my ledger nano, then after a few weeks I wanted to sell my ETC for other things..and I always use the same ETC deposit address on Kraken. They even know the fundsa are legit and there is nothing suspicious. It's just annoying that they hold my ETC for 4 months and they won't help me get it back, even though they can.

Do Kraken drag this out so I forget about my $$$? What if anything happens, where to look? My ETC is not in my ledger nano, and it's not in my kraken account, but it's at krakens frustrating.

I really appreciate if you all could help me bring this post up. I know it's etc and I should have know the 51% attacks and what not, but seriously, millions of dollars worth of etc is traded daily. Whatever happened to ETC, I can't justify that and it doesnt justify Kraken holding MY money for 4 months..

Please, I appreciate any help. I have talked to the support, and they stopped replying to me, I contacted everyone of them on Reddit, and they don't bother to escalate the ticket. They also ignore me on other platforms.

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