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This post is not about Elon

This post is not about Elon

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Elon Musk. So fascinating to see the visceral reactions from within our community. Cult of personality. Manipulation. Greed. Attention seeking. Good. Bad. Good and bad. Genius. Disingenuous.

Crypto projects primping themselves as though auditioning for a beauty pageant. Dying to impress. Begging for validation. Awful? Desperate? Embarrassing?

In my opinion, none of the above. I KNOW the iota community does NOT truly care about the approval of a celebrity. But, this is not about Elon, or Mark, or (insert name here).

Our community must care deeply about something at play here. Goal: to be the backbone of the machine economy. Iota will be the backbone of the machine economy only if people influential in the machine industry integrate iota into their products.

Note: I say “people” rather than “organizations.” A company is not going to decide to use iota or any other crypto technology. It will be very influential people within those companies who make that decision.

So, be excited when people influential in the machine industry show interest in crypto. Be more excited if they show interest in iota. People want to make money. Yes, they do. Companies want to make money. When your mission is to facilitate the machine economy - your mission is to help people make money.

I, for one, hope very much that the head honchos from many companies jump all up in the middle of crypto. I hope they want to make money. I hope they want to use iota to make more money than they ever thought possible. We’re here to facilitate the machine economy. These guys are who we need on board. I’m more than happy to care.

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