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This sub is my favorite

This sub is my favorite

Bitcoin Reddit

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I came here because r/bitcoin removed my post and censored me for asking a simple question about bitcoin cash. They didn’t censor me when I told them I went all in on BTC when I first invested in crypto. I felt betrayed and somewhat weirded out by their cultish behavior about BTC. It’s like watching little Michael Saylors praising BTC.

Unlike r/bitcoin, r/btc people welcome criticisms and rarely bans or censors anyone including the harshest critics of bitcoin cash. And everyone for the most part is generally polite and knowledgeable about crypto compared to BTC moon boys who only talk about the price going up and down.

I like Roger Ver too and sometimes I see him commenting on this subreddit. I don’t know the whole story about why he’s in Japan rather than in the States. But that’s his business and I don’t want to judge.

His wallet app works flawlessly too. The app is simple and easy to use. It’s what got me into bitcoin cash in the first place. If there weren’t a wallet app like, I probably wouldn’t have invested in Bitcoin Cash. Wallets are the most important thing in crypto in my opinion.

Anyway I just want to say thanks guys. Bitcoin cash is awesome but you guys make it more welcoming for new users and this sub feels like a family. I hope mass adoption happens soon and people will see that bitcoin cash is much more useful than BTC.

Whenever I take out my wallet at a cashier, I always look for a bitcoin cash sign or sticker. I hope to see BCH sticker at local businesses and restaurants soon.

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