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This year's devcon is disappointing

This year's devcon is disappointing

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1) It's right in the middle of nowhere. 2) Half of the conference is in basement and other half on the 6th floor with normal businesses on the other floors. There are often long queues for elevators. 3) They ran out of food vouchers and sim cards. So no food and Internet for me apparently. Did they not know how many people bought the tickets? 4) The rooms are quite small and room for every good talk is full to its brim. No place to even stand. 5) The wifi does not work. It's always full. I had to use hotspot from my mobile to load my slides. 6) There's no live streaming (except main stage maybe) and some rooms don't even have a setup for recording.

That being said, Japan is beautiful, the community is awesome and after parties are litt so it's not all grim but it's certainly not as good as last year's devcon.

Perhaps this is because Japan is waaay more expensive than Prague. Nobody forced EF to do devcon in Japan though. They could have done it in a relatively cheap place like Bali or Bangkok.

I hope next devcon is better.

Update: 9 October

EF restocked the food vouchers on the second day.

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