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Thoughts on the Townsville Bitcoin Cash City Conference

Thoughts on the Townsville Bitcoin Cash City Conference

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Hey guys, I'm a longtime lurker in the crypto scene, here are my thoughts on the conference in Townsville. The conference was AMAZING, featuring super high quality speakers, great marketing, venue, events, and food/drink. I was welcomed right into the friendly BCH community and learned a TON about BCH development and adoption. The energy was really positive, and every single person there was contributing tremendously to the ecosystem (except me :( ) Also, it was AMAZING walking around town paying for pretty much everything with BCH: cabs, food/drink, the ferry, and even my hotel. Everyone I talked to LOVED the Bitcoin Cash Register merchant app and wallet, many said the combination was faster and easier to use than EFTPOS, the local banking POS system.

I asked many of the locals if they were interested in accepting BCH, many were just ramping up and very excited to use wallets and merchant apps. The main negative responses I got were from people who feel that "Bitcoin is a scam", or it "can't be trusted" due to volatility and negative mainstream media FUD. I tried to explain to the naysayers that accepting crypto as a merchant is the easiest way to get some coin! Also, many didn't realize that they can cash out immediately to avoid volatility.

The conference brought a LOT of economic growth to Townsville. The small local economy seems to be driven by tourism, mining, oil exploration, and alcohol/gambling. High technology will provide a LOT of growth opportunities there, with some high paying jobs and positive economic growth.

Finally, the development happening on top of BCH is by far the most exciting of all cryptos. CashFusion, SLP tokens, CashScript, CashAccount, and the CashBar app were among the stellar innovations currently hitting the BCH scene, and many more improvements and projects are slated for the next year. It's going to be exciting!

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