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Trade Opyn options on Gnosis Protocol DEX

Trade Opyn options on Gnosis Protocol DEX

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We are pleased to announce that as of today, there is liquidity for Opyn’s options oToken contracts on Gnosis Protocol. oETH $200 Put 05/29/2020 puts are now tradable via Mesa, a dapp built on Gnosis Protocol launched by the DXdao, or directly on the smart contract level.

Options details:

  • Strike price: $200.00
  • Underlying Asset: ETH
  • Expiration: May 29, 2020 at 8:00am UTC
  • Token address: 0x7cac16770dd5f2a59859a395a492224f05a846b6

What are the advantages of trading oTokens on Gnosis Protocol?

  • Permissionless: Opyn options have an expiration date, which means that every new options series has a new token address. Gnosis Protocol’s permissionless architecture enables anyone to list new option series.
  • Batch auctions: Gnosis Protocol’s underlying trading mechanism, batch auctions, enables liquidity to be shared amongst all assets listed on the protocol. It doesn’t limit liquidity to single token pairs.
  • No slippage: As long as there is sell liquidity for any oToken, it’s guaranteed that you won’t get a worse price than your limit price.


Join our team and community for further discussion about Opyn on the Gnosis Discord at

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