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Trezor security question please help

Trezor security question please help

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If theoretically I have virus and I have copied seed on second trezor so I can have 2 same wallets does that mean that hacker could have my 24 words just not in exact order?

I havent used trezor couple months and i jacked him in and it asked to install frimware, this time it didnt show me code on trezor to confirm that frimware is same like asked. Can hacker steal my bitcoins with hostile frimware without me confirming false transaction on trezor?

In what scenarios could my bitcoins get stolen from trezor. If nobody knows I have it, I check address on trezor if its same on trezor when i send elsewhere.
If trezor is open source then it means there is no bullshittery that company can put something in because everyone can check if it does its job.

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