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Trinity and Ledger Generate an invalid address

Trinity and Ledger Generate an invalid address

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Hello All,

Grateful if you could help. I installed Trinity two months back with Ledger storing the seed. For the last few weeks, I managed to transfer 2 sums of coins from an exchange to Trinity, so it had created 2 addresses, everything seems okay.

Today I would like to transfer another set of coins to it, so I logged in with ledger and click to generate an address to receive the coins. However, I wasn't able to make the transfer, the exchange keep on saying the address is invalid. Then, I used and to search for the address, they both couldn't find anything.

So I logged in to trinity with ledger again, and tried to generate a new address, however, it generates the same to receive coins. Is it how it works or I have done something wrong here? Please anyone can help?



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