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Trouble Understanding the Benefits of Blockchain over Traditional Server Architecture?

Trouble Understanding the Benefits of Blockchain over Traditional Server Architecture?

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Hey guys! So I have been in the concurrency space for a while now reading about different projects and even programming some of my own Dapps on the ethereum blockchain as I think it could be a useful skill in the future, but the more and more I think about the advantages of a Blockchain over a traditional server (relational-database etc) the more I am having trouble with grappling with why a blockchain is even needed in most cases?

For instance, blockchain does provide a system where there is no single point of failure, meaning you don't have to put all your trust in one entity to allow for the system to work. But, this advantage comes at a trade off, and a pretty big one at that, performance. I am having trouble seeing why in 90% of cases or more a company wouldn't want to use a traditional server architecture with huge speed and performance advantages since they can usually trust the owner of the server, whether it is themselves or say AWS or Microsoft Azure. There could definitely be some good applications for blockchain but it seems like it would not be used nearly as much as a lot of people in the sub make it seem to be used? I could see in the future the tech progressing enough that the performance factor is negotiable though.

Finally, to hit home on my point one last time, and to hopefully understand why blockchain is so useful a little better, I want to talk about blockchain in reference to a use case that is talked about a lot in this sub, supply chain. I am still having trouble seeing why a company would want to use a blockchain to manage their supply chain instead of say a relational database. Why not just imbed RFID tags in products and keep this information stored on a traditional server that will be fast and have high performance, instead of storing this data on a blockchain? Would if have to do with security, since there is no one point of fault like the server? A little clarification on this would help a lot, thanks!

TLDR Blockchain has its advantages over traditional server architecture but I am having trouble seeing why these advantages would be useful in 90%+ of cases? Is there really a need for a lot of companies to sacrifice speed for decentralization? In most cases wouldn't performance for the end users be more important?

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