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Two pictures are worth two thousand words

Two pictures are worth two thousand words

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This post isn't saying anything that hasn't been said before, but sometimes people just need a visual for something to click, or to give perspective.

Here is the current mempool and fee market state that we all have bookmarked already:,24h

Here is a screenshot of my Lightning enabled mobile wallet (Eclair):

The fees aren't really zero, it's just they they are a few millisatoshis (1e-11 BTC) and so don't even show up due to rounding in the wallet display.

There are a million subscribers to this sub, and barely over 8000 Lightning Nodes. Don't get me wrong, that's wonderful growth (I was within the first 1000 nodes less than a year ago) but you're all here because you're technologically savvy, and we can do better.

I use Eclair for my full node and for my mobile wallet and I really like them. I've also tried the new LND Desktop App, and honestly stopped because it was TOO easy to use, and I personally like to mess with stuff. Nevertheless it is an absolutely beautiful and dead-simple design, and just works great. There's also clightning but I personally have no experience with them, although many people are using them as well.

Whatever you decide to go with, you'll be glad you have it when you want to make everyday payments.

My node: platform9and3quarters

URI: 020[email protected]

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