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Unable to withdraw coins

Unable to withdraw coins

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Hi Guys,

Support are telling me that I can't make a withdrawal without going through the level 2 identity verification process. I signed up to binance a week ago with a level 1 account, transferred over some ethereum and bought some altcoins. Today I decided to withdraw the altcoins to my hard wallet. After completing the 2FA and email verifications the withdrawal was rejected. The account is only worth around 100 USD. Is this normal?

I'm not sure what to do and support aren't telling me why this is happening. I'm not interested in handing over all my personal information without a valid reason.

My ticket number is #1220164 if anyone from the support team would like to take a look.

Update 16/01/19:

Support are still refusing to release my funds and will not provide an actual reason for doing so. Their closed approach to security is very frustrating:

  • If my account is insecure, I deserve to know.

  • If the coins I bought and transfered from BTCMarket are fraudulent, I deserve to know.

  • Why exactly can't I transfer 100 USD worth of funds to my hard wallet? I deserve to know.

  • How does handing over my passport fix any of these problems? It doesn't. If anything it just exposes me to more risk in the event binance has a data breach.

The whole situation is just so stupid. I've even asked them to terminate the service agreement and close my account, but they couldn't do that either.

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