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Understanding the L2 solutions

Understanding the L2 solutions

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So from my perspective I've suddenly come to realize that several L2 solutions are pretty much mainnet ready for SOME of their functionality. I've tried some, and I have some questions. Hopefully you can help me figure some of this out! I've tried Loopring, xDai and Optimism.

Please do point out any misunderstandings I may have.

  • Why did so many L2 solutions seemingly get "mainnet ready" around the same time? Did I just not pay attention, or is it just a really close race?
  • For the ZK based L2s....
    • Whats the difference? Its ZK-rollups. What makes them different from one another?
    • Who makes the proof? Is this process decentralized?
    • Is it correct that the proofs are submitted onto L1, and that based on them I could, in theory, recreate all the merkle trees to prove my claim for some amount of assets?
  • For xDai...
    • It focuses around DAI, and from my understanding you bridge DAI, but otherwise you can pretty much do whatever you would do on mainnet. Why the choice of staying with DAI if it is compatible for all assets? Why not just bridge ETH, and then do L2 swaps for DAI?
    • Is it really just the mainnet with different "decentralization parameters"? Different consesus, but way way faster?

Thanks for any help understanding!

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