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Update: BCH Coffee

Update: BCH Coffee

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The first shop on BCH Coffee has been approved in Barquisimeto, Venezuela! The reward was 0.126 BCH (currently ~$41.58). Congratulations to Café Bar Lovento on being the first of many new coffee shops around the world to accept BCH!

In order to boost participation I have added 3 regional "wildcard" bounties for the USA, Canada and Europe. The highest of these bounties can be claimed for any major city with a population of at least 100,000 within the given region. If the city is also listed with its own bounty then the rewards will be combined! I really hope these regional bounties will jump start adoption.

High quality stickers are on the way (hopefully by next week) and I will be mailing them to anyone who requests (instructions to follow).

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Thanks again to everyone who has contributed so far!

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