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Update - Binance - Legal action - NDA’s

Update - Binance - Legal action - NDA’s

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Seems like Binance just can’t stop playing with peoples lives. If you remember my last posts, you may know there were a number of groups created to resolve the issue. There were Binance lawyers in these groups. Let me add that all of this happens in telegram off the books.

Well after my last post Binance contacted a few admins and payed them back in full. Made them sign NDA’s and they started removing members and messages. After the core group was left and we kept inviting each other, they simply took down the major groups.

On the legal side, Binance has not responded to our legal letters send to [email protected]. We have send 122 letters all fall under small claims, Binance needs to set the court date, but they won’t respond.

We need pressure from the community in order to enforce action. Have you had a terrible encounter with Binance, Like the Bullbear scam or an issue with the futures platform? Contact me we have made a new telegram group with 100+ members atm.

For those that are out of the loop

“Binance has shown bad faith towards customers before, but never on such a massive scale, remember when you couldn’t log in? Or your positions weren’t closed when they should have been on the futures platform? Well this exact issue happened to me I closed my positions on to find out later I was about to be liquidated, a week later this happened on a massive scale, and Binance were aware of their limitations.

The bull and bear issue is something simply illegal it shouldn’t have been made available, Binance manipulated the prices, and when closing the bear and bull tokens, they liquidated everyone that hadn’t read the message. (Was doen within 3 hours) they told everyone it was due to people not understanding how it works, but it was in fact because it was highly illegal, and they scammed a lot of money out of people. Why do you think they relaunched the exact same tokens, but make you sign a contract before trading with them? - this is my issue by the way.

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