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Update - IOTA Address Notifier (IAN) now on Discord!

Update - IOTA Address Notifier (IAN) now on Discord!

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Update - IOTA Address Notifier (IAN) now on Discord!

The IOTA Address Notifier (IAN) is a Telegram (and now also Discord) bot that offers mobile notifications about transactions on any IOTA address. The public beta started a few months ago, and is now also available on Discord.

You can start using the bot on Discord by joining the IAN Discord server (IAN will be on it's own server during the beta) and follow the instructions there. If you wanna use the Telegram version, you can find more information here.

IAN has many other features, like AutoFollow, where IAN automatically follows your funds through the tangle. Some features are limited during the current beta.

I'm happy to hear your feedback, but you might want to check if these topics already came up in a previous post.

Q: Should I use my seed with this bot?

A: Do not use your seed with this bot - this isn't a wallet! The bot watches address(es), therefore only addresses can be entered via text-communication. Your seed must always stay private. To make sure no user enters a seed, the bot informs the user about the differences between seeds and addresses. In addition the bot does only work if the users agree and confirm that they will not use a seed.

Q: Is this bot maintained by the IOTA Foundation?

A: IAN is a third-party software and not related to or associated with the IOTA Foundation.


If you experience any difficulties, write me on Discord (DonFelix#8563) or at [](

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