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Update on pruned node experiment: Linode $5/month instance works fine

Update on pruned node experiment: Linode $5/month instance works fine

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I tried running a BCH pruned node on the smallest $5/month Linode instance. It works just fine :)

It took longer to sync than my servarica VPS, probably because the Linode one only has one virtual CPU core, vs 4 cores on the servarica box. Servarica took ~1.5 days to sync, Linode took ~3 days.

I tried using the importaddress RPC call to have the built-in wallet start watching an address. Then I used the watch command to repeatedly call the getreceivedbyaddress RPC call every 0.1 seconds so I could see how long it took for a tx to be detected. I sent a tx from electron cash on my PC and saw it instantly on both the Linode VPS (California) and the servarica VPS (Canada). Couldn't measure any discernable delay between them.

Total disk usage by BCHN is 5.6GB

TL;DR The smallest VPS you can buy from a mainstream/popular provider like Linode is perfectly sufficient to independently verify incoming payments. And it costs about half of one BTC tx per month.

Next step: integrate this tiny pruned node as the backend for my payment gateway :)

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