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So the one crypto I've been holding started to moon so I wanted to log on, check my funds, and maybe sell some of it. When I logged onto binance, which I haven't done in 3 or 4 months, I got a message that said they noticed I logged in with US IP address, and they can't do business with Americans, so they gave me the offer to verify my identity to prove I am not American.

Obviously this is a huge problem, because I am American. I don't understand when this happened or why and I'm kind of freaking out because I have thousands of dollars worth of crypto on my binance account. I initially used because the specific token I am interested in is not offered on

So, I was able to login with a VPN and I hit the "not now" option for verifying my identity. I did a test and was able to sell some of my crypto for BTC. But what does this mean? If I try to send BTC or crypto from my binance account to another wallet will it not let me? I remember as recently as April I sent Litecoin directly from my binance account to a friend's wallet. Basically what I want to know is what does this mean? Am I breaking the law?

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