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Warning: IOTA Phishing scam

Warning: IOTA Phishing scam

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We've been made aware that people are being targeted by comprehensive phishing attacks impersonating the IOTA Foundation, please be aware that:

- We will never ask you for your seed, if someone asks contact us immediately through Discord or [](

- We always communicate in English

- Always contact us on our official e-mail addresses, we don't use other domains

- Don't ignore security warnings from your e-mail client if you get them, contact us if unsure.

- Always download IOTA software through the official websites or, never use direct download links in e-mails.

- If you don't trust it stop doing what you do and ask for support in #help on Discord first

If you've been targeted or potentially targeted please contact me or one of the moderators on Reddit or Discord so we are aware.

To read more about best security practices when it comes to IOTA please check out this blogpost:

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