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Warning to all new traders out there.

Warning to all new traders out there.

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by COINS NEWS 71 Views

Dear traders. Here is my experience with a scammer that contacted me through this subreddit. I made a post on here a few weeks ago, and it was clear I was new to trading ERC 20 tokens.

Anyways, I was chatting with him for a bit and he was answering my questions. Seemed like a decent person. He told me to add him on telegram, so I did. Chatted with him for about 2 weeks and he answered every single question I had. Helped me a lot actually.

One morning he told me to buy CRT. The miniumun I could buy was 2 ETH worth. A bit more then what I was planning on spending so I told him I would pass. He tried over and over telling me it was a investment of a lifetime. I said no.

So we kept chatting. He was showing me his half million dollar profits. So I asked him to send me ETH so I could buy and be sure it works. Me being new he sent me 2 ETH on the Rinkeby test network. I thought it was real and I was thanking him lol

It was not until he told me to go into my security and give him my security words to activate the transaction I realized this guy was a scammer. I told him I couldn't part with my security and milked him for info for another 3 days.

He finally got fed up with me not listening to his investments he told me I'm never going to make money not listening to his guidance. He deleted his account right after that lol

If I can save one person from this prick ill be happy. Goodluck to you all

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