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Wasabi Wallet v1.1.11

Wasabi Wallet v1.1.11

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This major release is the culmination of several efforts that have been a work in progress for a long time.

  • Multi-wallet support: basic implementation of multi-wallet support, meaning that several wallets can be loaded within one Wasabi instance.
  • Fast wallet load time: due to enormous improvements in the synchronization, a wallet now loads 70 x faster than before, which makes opening multiple wallets seamless.
  • CoinJoin into another wallet (daemon only): one major innovation is the ability to directly CoinJoin into another wallet, for example from your hot wallet to your hardware wallet, but this work in progress prototype is only in the daemon for now.
  • Custom change address: a small but powerful privacy improvement is the ability to set a custom change address for a transaction.
  • Better design: the GUI now also has tailor-made icons to make Wasabi look even more pretty and intuitive.
  • New Terms and conditions: the terms and conditions have been simplified and streamlined, in a way that they can be updated in the future.
  • Bitcoin Knots: on the work in progress to get full verification in Wasabi, it now ships with in-built Bitcoin Knots, instead of Bitcoin Core.
  • RPC interface: after over one year of development, the RPC server interface for developers and power users is now shipped in this release too.
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