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Watch out for scammers on Reddit (Binance_FAQS)

Watch out for scammers on Reddit (Binance_FAQS)


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Alrighty people,

I think I did somehing stupid. I had a problem with a payment of my mined BTT to my Binance Wallet.

Some guy (BINANCE_FAQS) messaged me for help. He said to download the Trust Wallet to restore my lost coins. So I installed evertything. He gave me this link: to connect my Trust wallet.

I got a error, he said that's because I didn't had any coins in my wallet. So I send 49 TRX just for a test.

After "connecting" again al my 49 TRX was send to a unknown wallet. All happened within 10 seconds.

That's where I noticed, I just got scammed hard. Thank god it was only €5,-

So guys watch out, if some u/BINANCE_FAQS contact you for help.

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