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We are in fight with the current financial establishment who have disguised themselves as "supporters of Bitcoin and what it stands for". Why do we keep fighting this fight on THEIR terms?

We are in fight with the current financial establishment who have disguised themselves as "supporters of Bitcoin and what it stands for". Why do we keep fighting this fight on THEIR terms?

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There are two groups of people. The trolls and everybody else. When we face the troll we turn around and now everybody else is behind us. The strategy of the trolls is to keep us in that position forever. To distract us from influencing the masses by focusing our effort and time on them instead. We think that if we do good in fighting the trolls we will influence the audience watching the fight and convince us to join them. Well I got news for you. The audience is just more trolls, disguised as watching bystanders. Real bystanders who happen to walk by briefly watch the fight and then go: "If this community is ONLY about a fight I have no business with ... there is nothing of value for me, so I will not join" Then they walk away again, who knows if we will ever see them again?

/r/bitcoin should be 100% filled with complains about, Roger Ver, r/btc, bcash memes and how retarded we are. And we should be okay with that. Let them.

/r/btc should be filled with stories of normal everyday people using Bitcoin as P2P money and be 0% about /r/bitcoin, or Core or whatever. No complains. No mentions. No more victim mentality. No more "they have ruined everything, look at what a sorry lot we are". Since 2011 I had to wait 5 years before Bitcoin was giving me what I wanted from it. Now that I have some of that I can only conclude that: "things are great and only getting better"

If we don't collectively start realizing this as a strategie. Nothing is going to change much.

We should NOT GO and post on /r/cryptocurrency. Why make those subs more valuable by our presence?

Instead we should turn /r/btc in to the most attractive community. Lots of tipping. Lots of answering of questions. Lots of interesting talk about every facet of Bitcoin. From the political implications to the future of mankind as a whole. And lots of optimism. Embrace the bear! The bear market is the best thing ever because it forces all of crypto to have a for profit motive or go bankrupt. Hoping that prices go up is NOT a for profit mode. That's just gambling. It's not sustainable. It's just fiat moving from naive hands in to cunning hands while the financial establishment has a good time watching all that free entertainment. Bear market are great because they show everybody how hollow and shallow 99% of the crypto communities are. "Crypto is spending real money to buy numbers with and then you sit and stare at another number you see on a website just hoping it will go up so you can sell your numbers for more real money and then buy a car with it"

None of us should hang out on other subs (unless specifically invited by subs like /r/dashpay or /r/ethereum), rather we should only hang out on /r/btc so that other people will be attracted by the quality that they see lacking in the other subs.

Next to quality their should be an emphasis on honesty,transparency, realness and optimism. Do we not claim that using Bitcoin as the main tool we can build a better and more fair financial system? How does that go hand in hand with dishonesty?

Why do we get so upset about a post on /r/cryptocurrency bashing Bitcoin Cash?

Don't we realize that the people that still hang out on /r/cryptocurrency are entirely wasted on us anyways.Don't we realize that "everybody else" does not see those posts anyways. And that if trolls want to waste their time bashing Bitcoin Cash with words, rather than gather enough ASICs to 51% attack it. That is GOOD FOR US?

Why waste time trying to attract the get-rich-quick people? They are as fickle as the weather! There will never be a shortage of "get-rich-quick" people. We can entirely ignore them.

We should attract the people that tell themselves:

  • I am going to get slowly rich and be sustainable in my richness by coming up with a business model that everybody has missed.

  • I am going to use the power of Bitcoin Cash to improve the lives of my own local community.

  • I am going to build something on top of this that will change the world for the better (or worse, I guess)

This is not a sprint. There is no rush and no hurry other than maybe the fact that if daily tx never goes up high enough eventually when block reward runs out Bitcoin will end with a pop and a fizzle.

But we still got at least 10 years for that. And in the next 10 years the planet and it's internal relationships and dynamics are going to change more than in the last 50.

So in all that chaos to come we already got a top shot anyways. The stability of unchangeable math creates quite the contract when the things we take for granted start falling away.

It's time we start follow this advice by Jesus Christ:

The Story of the Crooked Manager (Luke 16 Message Bible)

Jesus said to his disciples, “There was once a rich man who had a manager. He got reports that the manager had been taking advantage of his position by running up huge personal expenses. So he called him in and said, ‘What’s this I hear about you? You’re fired. And I want a complete audit of your books.’

“The manager said to himself, ‘What am I going to do? I’ve lost my job as manager. I’m not strong enough for a laboring job, and I’m too proud to beg. . . . Ah, I’ve got a plan. Here’s what I’ll do . . . then when I’m turned out into the street, people will take me into their houses.’

“Then he went at it. One after another, he called in the people who were in debt to his master. He said to the first, ‘How much do you owe my master?’

“He replied, ‘A hundred jugs of olive oil.’

“The manager said, ‘Here, take your bill, sit down here—quick now—write fifty.’

“To the next he said, ‘And you, what do you owe?’

“He answered, ‘A hundred sacks of wheat.’

“He said, ‘Take your bill, write in eighty.’

“Now here’s a surprise: The master praised the crooked manager! And why? Because he knew how to look after himself. Streetwise people are smarter in this regard than law-abiding citizens. They are on constant alert, looking for angles, surviving by their wits. I want you to be smart in the same way—but for what is right—using every adversity to stimulate you to creative survival, to concentrate your attention on the bare essentials, so you’ll live, really live, and not complacently just get by on good behavior.”

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