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Welcome To BezosNumber2

Welcome To BezosNumber2

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What is NO2

We are a meme token based on Elon Musk Tweet mocking Jeff Bezos for overtaking him on the forbes richest list so we have decided to create a token as to further the meme and have a good laugh at the expense of jeff bezos, we have created this token so everyone can take part in the jeff bezos roast which he clearly desevres for paying poop salaries for his workers and forcing them to work in terrible conditions.

The Token has been released today 11/October/2021, this token is not a presale or any other type it is a simple launch on the basis that everyone has a fair chance of buying the token and no one is favored.

The token has a maximum supply of 10 billion also the token has been developed with 8% fees which is split in half meaning 4% will go into liquidty where it will forver grow the liquidty pool and the other 4% will go into holder reflection which means holders are joyfully rewarded and encouraged to buy and hold the token, its simple you get paid to hold, the more tokens you buy and hold the more you will be rewarded.

Who are We?

We are a team of crypto experts that have years of experience in the crypto world and we have decided to join forces and take on the binance smart chain one token at a time, we have had many succesess but also many failures that thought us the importance of planning before commiting, so please join us and lets take this to the moon

???? Supply: 10,000,000,000 (10 Billion)

???? Liq Fee: 4%,

???? Reflect: 4%

???? Slip: 9% - 15%

βœ… Contract: 0x58f77768ca6a3352d194d660b6e747b55592e16f

βœ… Liquidty Locked:

βœ… PancakeSwap:

???? Telegram:

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