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We're creating an alternative to Patreon using Bitcoin!

We're creating an alternative to Patreon using Bitcoin!

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With the recent encroachment on freedom of speech and finance imposed by big social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and more recently Patreon with their banning of Bitcoin and right leaning users, we've decided to put an end to their corporate authoritarianism and usher in a new era of complete freedom for content creators under the name of the website Bitpatron which is a content membership platform using only Bitcoin to pay and receive payments for producing content. We're aiming to unchain content creators and give way to complete and indiscriminate freedom of creation and earning for writers and readers alike.

Who are we

We're a startup without physical entity based in Berlin by the name of Bitpatron Ventures GmBH registered in Meringdamm district of Berlin constisting a team of a developer and designer.

The Developer (me): Ilya N

The designer:

Mir N.

Her upwork:

What are we planning?

We're planning to create a Patreon-like content membership platform having all it's features except for a simple change: We'll use crypto instead of fiat and allow full anonimity and freedom of speech as long as it complies with U.S laws.

What is our roadmap?

We're planning to launch a single page PoC demo on 21 January to showcase our idea and make a full app launch by March 1. We'll come out of Beta in May 1 having released the extra features specified in the whitepaper.

How can you help?

Are you also a Laravel Developer, React expert or skilled in Digital marketing? Or you could also help us by participating in our fundraiser and receive PatronCoin ERC-20 tokens with a burn scheme akin to Binance's BNB coin burn scheme.

Article writers and pitchers would also be very helpful right now. We'll be loaded with work for the next 8 weeks and we could definitely use people to handle promotion while we finish up the website.

Feel free to ask any questions!

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