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What caused btc to dip 10% today?

What caused btc to dip 10% today?

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There may be a shade of ignorance in this question, but the dxy changed from 90.69 to about 90.08 as of right now. Is this insignificant enough to not affect the price of btc into the upside?

Also, just from doing my own TA, it’s clear that btc broke the support line of ~ 35k which makes sense that it dropped down to where it is now. It seems to have tested the 32k support line, broke that, which is why we dropped to about 31k. Now it seems we are attempting to reclaim the 32k trend line.

Overall I’m happy there’s a dip because it increases the longevity of btc’s bull run; however, I am just curious about what’s actually going on here.

Any insight would be appreciated, thanks.

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