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What do people think about Pi Network’s future?

What do people think about Pi Network’s future?

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What do people here think about Pi Network?

Just for clarity I’m talking about the Stellar Consensus Protocol implementation called Pi, currently not even at mainnet but has been around for about 2 years or so (I think it launched 3.14.2017) Currently valued at $0 and not close to being on any exchanges yet.

Currently I think it has some good potential, I like the SCP algorithm and the fact it’s more of a “people first” coin compared to something that can be exploited by large corporations to take control and profiteer. However, I don’t think it has enough adoption, and the likelihood of it ever reaching mainnet seems unlikely to me at the minute, which is a shame because I think a community-oriented SCP algorithm has the potential to cause global adoption.

What do other people think of this coin and it’s future? Everyone in the Pi app chat have completely convoluted and unrealistic expectations of it so I’d like to hear from actual crypto folk, not a bunch of kids hoping for a get rich quick scheme.


Edit: great to be downvoted for asking opinions, you’re a great community.

Also, kinda depressing to see how many people are shadow banned. I got quite a few responses from people whose comments I can’t even see.

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