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What is the actual vision for the MIOTA token now?

What is the actual vision for the MIOTA token now?

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With all these new tokens emerging from nowhere, the picture regarding what useful purpose the original native token serves has never been so nebulous. I can't be the only one that's perplexed by it all. Assembly and Shimmer feel like exit scams to get out of miota, and in the case of the former, is it not a massive conflict of interest that Dom is a director???

The strategy nowadays seems to be all over the place, flitting between whatever's in vogue in that moment, e.g. memes, NFTs, defi, metaverse. What happened to the solid adoption paths around the m2m economy and IoT? It's like all the founding principles have been abandoned to pursue vacuous nonsense.

The ASMB airdrop is insulting for holders. We'll get a pittance by the looks of it. However, it feels like holders will have to get as many of these new monopoly money tokens as possible to stave off the risk of getting screwed over on the diminished tokenomics associated with miota. All in all, an utter mess and more 'soonness' and muddying of the waters than ever from the IF. When will they learn? Seems that the cultist acolytes are ecstatic though....but that's indoctrination for you. Wen delivery of original promises?

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