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What node/wallet software do you use and why?

What node/wallet software do you use and why?

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It looks like BCHN, Electron Cash, and Wallet are the go-to answers for what node and wallets to use. But when I first got into BCH, it was actually pretty difficult for me to figure out where to find the full node, and which wallet I should trust. There are a lot of shady-looking sites out there, and still a lot of collateral damage from the BCHA days.

Like many, I use BCHN for my node and Electron Cash for my wallet on desktop. But on mobile, I think Unstoppable Wallet takes the cake. Out of all of the mobile wallets I was able to find, it is one of two (the other being BRD) that is non-custodial, open source with reproducible builds, and also supports multiple coins (BCH, BTC, ETH and ERC-20, LTC, Zcash, and Dash). It is now the mobile wallet I recommend to my friends.

As a developer, the BCHD node implementation also looks nice. I've found a few developer-oriented resources that describe the current BCH consensus rules and protocol, but not so much a map of what node implements which CHIPs.

Anyway, just wanted to spur some practical discussion about our favorite cryptocurrency. Any other cool BCH-related software out there that you guys know about?

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