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What the bloody hell is happening?

What the bloody hell is happening?

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I see more and more comments in the daily from clearly new investors in this space who have invested in (insert random shitcoin) earlier that day and are moaning in the daily that it’s dipped 0.4% and should they sell and what the fuck is going on?!?

Like what the fuck is happening? This isn’t free money and this is a real risk of investing and ultimately losing your investment, especially if you’re going to shit your pants after 30 minutes and a baby dip. This space is volatile as fuck. So either get used to this and educate yourself. Actually read 1 of about 8368 guides for newbies in the subreddit from aspiring moon farmers with actual good content. Don’t listen to your friends cousins boyfriend who 18x his money in safemoons or got a tip about a crypto called fuckmyapplepie and it’s surely going to 10000x and take over BTC.

I’m not going to feel sorry for you if you are naive enough to think you can throw money at shit and grow more money. Stop moaning and start learning.

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