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What to expect from EDCON2019 — a preview on the topics of EDCON speeches #4

What to expect from EDCON2019 — a preview on the topics of EDCON speeches #4

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What to expect from EDCON2019 — a preview on the topics of EDCON speeches #4

What attending events in the crypto space means to most of us is that, it is a perfect chance to get the most up-to-date info. about leading and emerging projects, be it their technology progress or their business and community development roadmaps.

So EDCON team would like to make a series announcements about the main contents of the speech of our speakers, which might be the biggest concern to most of our attendees.

See the announcement #1, #2 & #3


Speaker: Felix Leupold @Gnosis

Topic: dƒusion — A Scalable, Fair Exchange

Brief: Centralized exchanges can be exploited by strategies like arbitrage trading or front-running. Today’s ‘decentralized exchanges’ are solely non-custodial: trades are still settled via pseudo-continuous order books, reserving the ability to front-run and arbitrage trades. Introducing dƒusion, a fully decentralized exchange that moves beyond these limitations. dƒusion collects limit orders for many token pairs in discrete batches and clears all trades at the same arbitrage free price. It achieves scalability through the use of succinct zero knowledge proofs (zkSnarks). These proofs can be provided by all participants in the network removing the need for a single operator.


Speaker: Brett Robertson @Ethereum Cat Herders

Topic: The Ethereum Cat Herders: Project Management in a Decentralised Ethereum

Brief: Ethereum has grown rapidly in the last few years and now has many branches working on different areas all for a common goal. As projects grow and develop they can experience some teething issues, most of which can be addressed by better coordination and communication. In a large open source, globally decentralised project of nascent technology, this can be hard. This exactly what the Ethereum Cat Herders are keen to address to help drive Ethereum forward.


Speaker: Mo Dong @Celer Network

Topic: Build and Operate Internet-Scale dApps on Celer Network

Brief: Despite its high potentials, off-chain scaling is still in its infancy with challenges remaining unsolved. For example, how to construct state channels that support arbitrary state transitions with minimal on-chain operations? How to route payments to achieve high throughput in an off-chain network that is fundamentally different from data networks? How to help developers to easily build and operate scalable off-chain dApps? How to guarantee that off-chain states are always available for possible disputes?

In this talk, Mo will describe how Celer Network solves these challenges. Celer embraces a layered architecture with clean abstractions that enable rapid evolution of each individual component, including generalized state channels that supports fast and generic off-chain state transitions; a provably optimal payment routing algorithm that achieves orders of magnitude higher throughput compared to state-of-the-art solutions; a powerful development framework and runtime for off-chain dApps; and an incentive-aligned mechanism that provides stable liquidity and high off-chain state availability. He will provide their vision for Celer Network 2.0, a grand unification of all off-chain scaling technologies into a single solution.


Speaker: Zeming Yu@Cover More Insurance

Topic: An Introduction to Security Token Offerings

Brief: Zeming will talk about the use of ethereum within the security token offering space.


Speaker: Michael Yuan @Second State & CyberMiles Foundation

Topic: Creating a Rules Language for the Ethereum Virtual Machine

Brief: Smart contracts are immutable programs on the blockchain. They are automatically executed based on pre-defined rules. However, complex and inferencing rules could be extremely difficult to program, test, and validate, using standard programming languages like Solidity. The long sequence of highly nested IF / THEN statements is fragile and error-prone. The problem is compounded by the need to frequently change rules based on business requirements.

Past enterprise software vendors have long relied on Business Rules Engines (BREs) to solve this problem. BREs allow business analysts to write transactional (state changing) programs in a specialized programming language called formal rules language, which can be generated by graphical user interfaces. BREs automatically evaluate, re-evaluate, and execute those rules. They have been proven successful in traditional financial services.

With the Open Source Lity project, we have developed extensions to Solidity and the EVM to support a BRE for smart contracts. In this presentation, Michael will discuss the benefits and use cases of rules language and engine for smart contracts especially in the context of financial services applications. He will further describe how the rules language is designed and implemented, including compiler and virtual machine runtime support.


Speaker: Benjamin Hause @HyperLink Technology

Topic: Introducing Brownie

Brief: Benjamin will introduceBrownie, a python framework for testing, deploying and interacting with Ethereum smart contracts.

The next announcement of this series is coming soon. Please stay tuned! Write your comments below if you have any thoughts, questions or doubts.

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